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WiForums FF v4 for vB is now only $50.00


What languages can WiForums be displayed in?


A customizable English language template is supplied with WiForums Standard and Full Featured.

With very little effort you can translate the words and phrases used into those used in your desired language. We also include several WML header files with support for various encoding types.

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WiForums FF v4.1.5 for vB4/vB3

WiForums FF v4.1.1 for vB4/vB3

WiForums FF v4.1 for vB4/vB3

WiForums FF v4.0.8 for vB4/vB3

WiForums discussion forums are designed around the main principle of interoperability:

- The ability to work with other products without special effort on the part of the customer.

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