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WiForums FF v4 for vB is now only $50.00


Does WiForums support user groups?


Yes. The phpBB2/PHP-Nuke, vBulletin, and Invision Power Board 2.0 versions of WiForums Standard and WiForums Full Featured offer full user group support, while WiForums for Invision Power Board 1.x offers partial user group support.

Is it possible to become a WiForums reseller?


Yes, eMail our sales department with your reseller inquiry.

Occasionally when browsing a "powered by WiForums" site my cellular phone displays a page too large error message. why does this happen?


Many of today's (and yesteryears) entry level cellular phones can only address small (roughly 3KB) WML pages. This page size restriction directly impacts the amount of topics and/or posts which can viewed per page before such an error is displayed.

Reducing the amount of posts and/or topics per page via My Prefs will remedy this issue.

It is also possible that your cellular provider does not permit access to pages over xKB.

Still have unanswered questions? eMail them to Sales@WiForums.net


WiForums FF v4.1.5 for vB4/vB3

WiForums FF v4.1.1 for vB4/vB3

WiForums FF v4.1 for vB4/vB3

WiForums FF v4.0.8 for vB4/vB3

WiForums discussion forums are designed around the main principle of interoperability:

- The ability to work with other products without special effort on the part of the customer.

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